Posted by Angelique Epstein - April 2018

My husband came with a dog and I was never a fan or ever had, but I didn’t just grow to like him I loved him! He had a history of heartburn and his vet said it was ok to give him tums which I think sometimes helped. That said when he came to live with me I thought there had to be something more natural to try and surprisingly against my usual luck I tried your tender tummy product first, and wow what a difference it made! The issue he had surrounding his problems cleared up 90% thank you thank you for your product!  Thank you so much for your product it really improved the quality of my puppies life and mine when I didn’t have to get up at 2 am to let the poor guy out to eat grass because he was in such discomfort. Thank you again for your time and your fantastic product.

Posted by Sharon - Jan 2018

"Family Pet Integrative Medical Center is committed to improving the wellbeing of our pet patients.
We can't say enough good things about Healthy Dogma PetMix. It has helped me to educate our clients about good nutrition and brought healthy satisfaction to our pet patients. Pets who were previously suffering chronic issues such as mal-digestion and allergies are able to live healthier lives thanks to the good food from Healthy Dogma. We are indebted to helping make homemade food easy for pet owners."
Dr. Sharon Glass 
Veterinarian/ Director
Family Pet Integrative Medical Center 


Posted by Alice Bell  - March 2018
We will be reordering.  My dog took to this food like a duck to water.  She licks her bowl clean!  And I don't have to beg her to eat! I also found that when in a hurry and don't have time to cook,  I simply mix the food with water,  and then add some left over meats.  Works just as well. So glad I found your product.  I am just waiting to be sure she doesn't start itching since we switched from Dinovite!



Posted by Shirley - Dec 2017
"I've been using this dog food mix for several years now and I get no complaints. The dogs eat it up and they look so healthy. I started using this when one of my dogs was diagnosed with cancer and she lived 3 years longer than expected. Great product."


Posted by Kristin- Nov 2016

"My dogs love this food. It's clean eating for them and my cocker spaniel hasn't had any hot spots in a while!"


Posted by Judy - Nov 2016

"I have ordered/used this product for over 10 years. I have been extremely pleased with the product. I have just ordered the Natural Nut and Berry for the first time. I am anxious to see how my dogs like it. I have no doubt they will love it."


Posted by Stephani - Sep 2016

"My vet first introduced me to Healthy Dogma. One of my 3 dogs was a VERY picky eater. Never have a problem with any of the dogs eating it and wanting more. It also agrees with all of their systems. No problems with diarrhea, ever. My son's picky dogs love it and so did my friend's dogs. Amazing and healthy food."


Posted by Danielle - Sep 2015

"so my six year old 73 lb pit bull mix loves his ground turkey and petmix dinner! he patiently sits at the entrance to the kitchen as I'm cooking it and devours it as soon as I put it down. he consistently has solid poops for the first time ever! he was having skin problems when we moved from NJ to Florida, and the vet switched him to pet mix to have a healthier less processed base, and he does seem to have more energy. he is still on medication for the skin so we will see what happens as we ween him off of it."


Posted by Sebastian- Jul 2015

"My golden loves this food! She licks the bowl clean. She was a bit overweight and has lost her extra pounds - eating 2 big bowls a day! My friend has an old dog who stopped eating, she now eats Dogma and is like a puppy at 15 years old! We are so happy and will never feed our dogs the commercial "so called dog food" again. Thank you Dogma!
P.S. I have never written a recommendation for anything before, but just had to comment on this."


Posted by Leonard - Jul 2013

"My dog lost hair on the sides for three years. She is 3. First two years it grew back. Not this spring. She lost it on both flanks and the skin was black. I tried this food based on my daughter's dog's health after it had been diagnosed with cancer and Bama is now 5 years past the diagnosis and going strong. Well, our Pebble's hair is back, she lost the weight she needed to be healthy and has the pep of a pup and the shiniest coat, soft and beautiful! It turns out her hormones were totally off and are now on track with also some help from a holistic vet who loved what she read on your ingredient label! "


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