We provide premium, clean ingredient dog food, supplements, and treats that make the most out of your budget while delivering the very best in quality.

Customer Reviews

"My little darling Shih-Tzu loves it! He eats like a little wolf! ... I make a big batch and freeze it in quart freezer bags so it's always fresh. My veterinarian agrees with the human grade food in it, and there are no by-products or chemicals."

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"For the price and peace of mind this product provides— it’s a steal! I’ve been feeding this mix to my corgi who has a very sensitive stomach. After feeding this mix + turkey for over 1.5 years now, I have never encountered an issue."

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The Healthy Dogma Story

Healthy Dogma started, as most foods do, in the kitchen. When their beloved dog, Rocky, was diagnosed with cancer, Tom and Mary Beth went looking for a pet food that could give Rocky all of the nutrition that he needed to stay as healthy as he could. Finding nothing on the market, they decided to make their own.

With his new diet, Rocky was able to continue to live a normal life for many years. Seeing how a nutrient-rich diet kept Rocky happy and energetic, Tom and Mary Beth decided to help other pet owners who were on the same journey.

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