We’ve referenced the “Dirty Dozen” of dog food in our past blog and now feel it’s beneficial to address the idea of grain-free dog food. Have you been wondering if a grain-free diet is right for your dog? Healthy Dogma is happy to address some of the reasons it may be worth considering!

Wheat is the number one allergen in food allergies developed by dogs and is a contributing factor to canine obesity. In fact, one of the biggest reasons owners seek out a grain-free diet for their dogs is due to allergies. Wondering if your dog may have allergies?

The symptoms of food allergies can include:

If your dog has any of these symptoms, a change of food might be in order. One that includes transitioning to a grain-free diet.

All of our PetMix options are grain-free and can be further tailored to any allergy restrictions your dog may have. Not only is Healthy Dogma allergy-friendly, but by being grain-free, it’s also easier for dogs to metabolize. Your dog is a carnivore, which means they have enzymes that make it easier for them to digest and use the nutrients from proteins and fats than it grains.

Dogs that eat a large amount of grains instead of meat could see their immune systems struggle more in fighting off canine illnesses. Additionally, mutated cells use carbohydrates to take amino acids from healthy cells. Protein is an absolute necessity for cell repair, but that high quality protein is not found in commercial dog foods due to their usage of grains.

A grain-free diet can provide these benefits for your dog:

Healthy Dogma is proud to offer high quality, grain-free food for dogs. It’s what we feed our dogs and hope it’s what you will begin feeding yours! If you have any questions about the various PetMixes feel free to call us at 248-693-7525. We’re happy to discuss the health benefits and options available for your dog!