A complete line of premium-quality supplements designed specifically for canine needs.

From itchy skin to anxiety, digestive issues, mobility, and more, Healthy Dogma’s complete line of premium-quality dog supplements deliver reliable performance, helping to maintain your dog’s well-being over a wide variety of common canine health concerns.

K9 Critical Care

I have an almost 11 year old gsd/rottie mix that has cancer and diabetes (for almost 4 yrs), thyroid issues (for almost 8 yrs), sarcoptic mange (when rescued as a pup) survived surgery for cataracts as a result of the diabetes. With all of these issues ongoing, I can only think of 3 things that have helped her to survive and indeed thrive. Her will to fight and live, [Healthy Dogma] K9 Critical Care and Transfactor Plus. I am so grateful to Healthy Dogma for having these 2 amazing products, among their many other dog supplements, available for my dog. Thank you so very much.

Flee Flea Flee

This stuff works! My 3 dogs used to be on Nexgard for ticks, 2 of them got lyme disease on Nexgard. Tried this and not one tick on any dog. I live in the country and ticks are really bad, I was surprised at how well this works. I will not use anything else, and it costs less than Nexgard.


This product absolutely works, my dog Emily hated fireworks. She would pant, drool, and violently shake. I always worried she would have a seizure or stroke, after giving her peaceful pooch for 4 day she was hardly bothered by the fireworks. Awesome product, I have tried a lot of things and this really works.

TransFactor Plus 2.5 Immunity Dog Supplements

Healthy Dogma

$29.95 - $39.95