Super Smart Critical Care Package Critical Care 90-270, Trans Factor 30, Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil 250mg, FREE Bottle of Essential Enzymes

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Super Smart Critical Care Package

Includes: K9 Critical Care, K9 TransFactor Plus 2.5, Healthy Dogma’s Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, and a FREE bottle of Essential Enzymes

K9 Critical Care promotes a normal, healthy immune response to unexpected issues.

This immune-enhancing supplement combines the power of medicinal mushrooms with nutrient-rich proteins. When combined, the ingredients that have been tested and validated for their effectiveness create a real-health supplement that supports the continued health of your dog.

The medicinal mushrooms found in K9 Critical Care help your dog resist fatigue, anxiety and other stressors that weaken its immune system. K9 Critical Care features a unique blend of five organic, healing mushrooms:

  1. Agaricus Blazei – Contains beta glucans which have been shown to activate natural killer cells in the immune system. Beta glucans also have the ability to modify the immune response and help boost cellular health.
  2. Coriolus – Is used throughout the world as the most effective mushroom to support the immune system.
  3. Shiitake – In addition to promoting a strong immune system, this mushroom has also been shown to help assist in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and strengthen the liver.
  4. Reishi – Referred to as the “mushroom of immortality” in ancient China, this mushroom may help provide immune system support and may promote liver health.
  5. Maitake – Among the most popular medical mushrooms in Japan due to its ability to increase the activity of killer cells in the body in order to support the immune system.
  • Pure mushroom extracts only. Extracted using hot water only – not ethanol. Grown on hard wood using natural methods that were passed down for thousands of years. 

Active Ingredients:

  • Organic Agaricus blazei extract 100 mg

  • Organic Coriolus versicolor extract 100 mg

  • Organic Reishi extract 100 mg

  • Organic Shiitake extract 100 mg

  • Organic Maitake extract 100 mg

Other Ingredients:

Liver (Desiccated, defatted, freeze dried), Collagen Hydrolysate (Porcine), Natural Chicken & Beef Flavor, Acacia (Gum), Dextrose (Can Tab), Vegetab, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.

Made in an FDA approved facility using only human grade ingredients.

Dosage: 1 wafer/capsule per 10 lbs. body weight per day.

The Critical Care Power Pack is recommended for dogs facing serious illnesses. 

*Healthy Dogma is the only U.S. pet food company offering hot water extracted mushroom supplements that match the potency and quality of the preparations used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as the extracts used and studied in the scientific and medical research.

Few people realize that hot water extracts are the only kind of mushroom supplements ever used or studied in the scientific research and the only method of preparation used in traditional herbal practice.

Other mushroom companies sell mushroom and/or mycelium tinctures preserved in alcohol (a.k.a. “cold water extracts”), or unextracted mycelium powder (made by growing mushroom mycelium on sterilized rice). These supplemental forms have never been studied in the research, have never been used in traditional herbal practice, and are a fraction of potency as compared to hot water extracts.

K9 TransFactor Plus 2.5 is a purified colostrum supplement that encourages a healthy immune system. 

Colostrum’s healing effects cover many areas, including: 

  • allergies 

  • bacterial or viral infections

  • autoimmune diseases

  • digestive problems

30 wafers per bottle.

Dosage 1 wafer per day. Each wafer contains 500 mg of colostrum. 

Ingredient: Colostrum ( Bovine Pre-Milk), Stearic Acid, Dicalcium, Phosphate Natural Vanilla Flavor, Magnesium, Stearate, Citric Acid, Silicon Dioxide

How it works: Transfer factors are molecules used by the immune system to defend against harmful microbial threats. 

In the critical first days of life for humans and animals, a mother passes on vital immune knowledge through the first meal: colostrum. Colostrum is a nutrient-rich, critically important bioactive component packed with genetic information that helps the immune system differentiate between healthy and abnormal cells. These molecules, produced for only a few days after birth, transfer immune experience to prepare the newborn’s immune system to function in the world.

K9 TransFactor Plus 2.5 contains premium refined colostrum collected during the first 16 hours after birthing from USDA Grade-A dairy cows. Processed over low heat for maximum bioactivity, our colostrum contains a minimum of 18% immunoglobins.  

In an ideal world, dogs would receive all their nutritional needs through food alone, but for many dogs, especially those with a health condition, you must supplement your dog’s diet with essential nutrients.

Since digestive disorders of the liver are becoming more common in dogs who are fed low-grade commercial dog food, there is an increasing need to supplement the diet with the proper balance of key enzymes that can help support proper healing and the reduction of symptoms. Your dog will love the natural liver flavor!

Healthy Dogma’s Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

Grown in the lush farmlands of Michigan, surrounded by the gorgeous Great Lakes and kissed by the warm Midwestern sunshine, Healthy Dogma’s full-spectrum hemp oil is your premier choice when looking for the ideal combination of quality and performance for your dog.

Extracted in our state-of-the-art laboratory, using the cleanest cutting-edge technology, Healthy Dogma’s full-spectrum hemp oil is your best choice when you’re looking for a reliable product to support your dog’s health and well-being.

Pet owners who are dedicated to providing quality care trust Healthy Dogma to deliver the very best for their dogs, and we’re proud to add our new full-spectrum hemp oil to our comprehensive line of food, supplements, and treats.

Dosage 1 full dropper for dogs 30lbs and under, 1 1/2 – 2 full droppers for dogs over 30lbs

Healthy Dogma’s Essential Enzymes dog supplements promote proper dog digestion and nutrition absorption.

These all-natural enzyme supplements are comprised of special proteins that work to ensure your dog’s body is utilizing its energy efficiently and effectively.

60 count bottle

Dosage: 1 wafer per day for dogs under 60 pounds, 2 wafers per day for dogs over 60 pounds 

Active Ingredients: Zinc, Pancreatin, Amylase, Lipase, Protease, Alpha-Chymotrypsin, Trypsin, Bromelain, Papain, Rutin, Lysozyme, Cellulase.







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