Elk Antlers

Healthy Dogma

$20.00 - $40.00



Product Description

100% Natural Elk Antler Chews!

Our antlers are naturally shed and then collected, ensuring they will not splinter, get smelly, or stain your carpet! 

These chews are not only irresistible to dogs – they’re incredibly long-lasting!

Rich in calcium and minerals with ZERO artificial ingredients, antler chews are the healthiest dog chew available for your pup.

All antlers are naturally a little different, so your pup will never get bored chewing them! Antlers are also rich in calcium and minerals and don’t contain a single artificial ingredient!

They even have rounded edges to ensure maximum safety for your pup. These are whole antlers.

As with all treats, supervise chewing. Always take treat away from your pet if it becomes a swallow hazard.


  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Width: 2 in
  • Depth: 1.5 in
  • Height: 8 in

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