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The easiest way to prepare healthy, fresh food for your dog.

✔ Just Add Water
✔ All Life Stages
✔ All Natural
✔ Grain Free
✔ Gluten Free
✔ Preservative Free
✔ No By-Products
✔ No Corn, Wheat or Soy

2 lbs. of PetMix Chicken makes 8 lbs. of dog food when hydrated.

 Just add water to PetMix Chicken Dinner: our dehydrated mix of real, human-grade chicken, fruits, and vegetables.

Your dog will be eating a homemade meal in minutes.


I’m interested, but how do I know what my dog needs to eat?

PetMix already includes all the necessary nutrition dogs need, in one bag: 

Chicken, Whole Egg, Sweet Potato, Apple, Green Beans, Broccoli, Kelp, Flaxmeal, Blueberries,
Bananas, Parsley, Celery, Lettuce, Watercress, Spinach, Coconut Oil, Calcium Citrate. 

Compare our list of ingredients with what you see on your dog’s food.

Which would you prefer to eat? We’re sure your dog would agree.


But, I don’t even have time to cook for myself!

PetMix Chicken Dinner makes it quick and easy to prepare fresh meals for your dog.

Add water, stir, and it’s ready.



Even waiting for the microwave to finish heating your food takes longer!



Isn’t cooking for dogs expensive?

Not necessarily. PetMix is comparable or costs less per pound than many top-notch premade dog foods.


Our customers give us 5 stars!

“If your dog has a sensitive stomach or won’t eat their food, PetMix is the answer.”

– Kevin, Crystal and Anna

“My puppies love this PetMix, and their overall health improved”

– Renee B

“Our “lil guy,” has done very well with his tummy problems
since he’s been on PetMix”  

– Roberson W


 Dog’s Health Improves By Aaron K.

I have two Blue Heeler mix dogs, 3 and 4 yrs. Both have lost weight to where they should be and are healthier and full of energy.

 Very Good Review By Vet By Pat S.

I have bought both PetMix Original and Nut & Cherry. I took PetMix into the vet for him to check out, and he said it was excellent! I am passing out samples to Bella’s friends; they love it.

 My Dog Loves It!! By Shauna

I have a 13-year-old Pitbull, and he loves the food. As soon as I open the lid, he comes running. When I make it, he sits there watching. He’s starting to have some healthy issues, and this food seems to help him. Since I’ve taken him off grains, he doesn’t lick like he used to. I’m also not picking up as much waste, so I know he’s absorbing the nutrients better. I just wish I knew about all your products sooner. You’ll be my first buy when I get a new puppy.

 The Best Dog Food On The Market By Fran D.

My two Dachshunds let me know when it is time to eat. They are more alert, and their coats are softer. It is so easy to make a batch, and I know it’s fresh and how long it lasts. I don’t need any additives, since it is a complete food. Thank you for a wonderful product.

 Amazing Transformations! By Susan

My five Chihuahuas have been on PetMix Original or Nut & Cherry. One of the seniors, who has always had a problem with weight, has dropped two pounds without reducing her food intake. Another senior, who has Valley Fever (disease indigenous to Arizona), has exhibited a steady improvement in her overall condition and vitality. All of them go nuts for the food every time and for either variety. My seniors are as frisky as pups again! We couldn’t be happier with the food. The delivery has always been extremely fast and the orders correct. Keep up the good work! We’ll be customers for life.


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