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Considering a new type of fundraiser? Selling Healthy Dogma Barkers can be a fresh and unique way for your school or organization to raise the money it needs.

Why Sell Dog Treats?
It’s no secret that people treat their pets as family. And what family member doesn’t deserve love and a little something special? Those in your community will be excited to reward their pups with Healthy Dogma’s tasty treats.

A Quality Product
Only natural ingredients (and never any additives or fillers) are used in the Michigan assembled biscuits with USA sourced ingredients to ensure optimum quality, nutrition and taste. The treats are formed with the same care and attention customers give their own pets. Dogs love the taste, and customers will feel good giving their pets the best treat they can.

Easy to Sell!
“Healthy Dogma was a great find for our school and our Music Honor Society. Students loved selling these wonderful dog treats, and they worked even harder to purchase enough for us to donate many more treats to a shelter. This fundraiser was very easy, helped us raise a lot of money, and provided us with a way to make our favorite furry friends happy at the same time. I will be back every year to run this fundraiser and highly recommend it to anyone else looking for a way to make money with heart.” Dorie Downs, Orchestras Director, Sanchem High School, NY

No Money Needed Upfront
Take orders from customers, collect the money, and order Healthy Dogma Barkers after. However, if you prefer, you are free to purchase the treats first to sell and deliver on the spot.

Pricing structure: You can determine the price to adjust your profit.


We Provide Selling Kits
Healthy Dogma will provide you with downloadable fundraising kits that include:
Order forms
Promotional material
Sales tips
We will help you with your program along the way, because we want to see your group reach its goals.

Call us at 248-693-7525 with questions, or email

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