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The Healthy Dogma Story

Healthy Dogma’s flagship product PetMix was created in the farmhouse kitchen of our founders, Tom and Mary Beth Peters. Their dog Rocky had just been pet-food-industry-magazine.pngdiagnosed with cancer.

They couldn’t find any food suitable for dogs battling serious illness on the market, so they decided to make the best food possible for their beloved pet, allowing Rocky to defy the odds and enjoy healthy life for several years beyond his prognosis.

Since then we have helped hundreds of pet owners with our PetMix brand pet food and Healthy Dogma supplements, as the testimonials and customer stories on our website will tell you.

Not only have pets struggling with serious illness gained additional months or years of life, but pets with common issues like hot spots, poor digestion, excessive weight, allergies, arthritis and more have been helped by Healthy Dogma all-natural food, supplements and treats.

Healthy Dogma is a family owned and operated business. We are always the only ones in control of our products, with no investors or stockholders to report to, which ensures consistency and quality for you. Nearly all of our ingredients are sourced in the USA and every product is packaged in our Michigan facility.

(Left to right: Darby Peters, Charlie the cat, Nova the dog, Mary Beth Darby, Tom Peters)

Dogma; something that  is established among a group or an organization, and is held as an authoritative creed.

hd-logo.jpgWe here at Healthy Dogma believe that pets deserve long, healthy and vibrant lives, and that they thrive when they are fed natural, whole foods.

That is why we sell only the highest quality products, ensuring that our customers get the healthiest food, treats, and supplements available.

This is our dogma, and this is what we stand by!

Do you have a question or need to place an order?  Feel contact us at 248.693.7525

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Healthy Dogma Retail Store

 Our Healthy Dogma retail store is always stocked with a full selection of Healthy Dogma All-Natural Dog Treats, Supplements and Dog Food.  We look forward to seeing you at the store! . 

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