Pets Deserve Fresh

8th Feb 2012

Pets Deserve Fresh


Healthy Dog FoodHealth experts preach to us every day: Eat more fresh and whole foods. Eliminate processed foods.

Perhaps you’ve made some changes to your diet. You nix the fast-food drive-thru and instead opt for a homemade stir-fry with tons of fresh veggies and lean protein. And you exercise for 30 minutes on most days of the week.

So when it comes to your pet’s health, why are you still feeding him processed food?

Did you know that most commercial dog food is just as unhealthy to your dog’s health as eating greasy burgers and fries every day is to your health?

When it comes to your dog’s diet, just like your diet – Fresh is best!

Whoever said that real dogs don’t eat real food obviously never raised a healthy dog who lived a long, vibrant and active life. From vegetables to fruits, your dog’s feeding bowl should be just as colorful and fresh as your dinner.

Eating a diet full of processed and even dangerous ingredients affects your pet’s health. If your dog or cat suffers from any of the following conditions, the food you feed him may be to blame.

- Dry skin

- Hot spots

- Excessive foot-licking

- Fur loss and shedding

- Foul breath

- Weight gain

- Lethargy

Two of the most common pet food preservatives are:

- Ethoxyquin, which is actually considered by The Department of Agriculture a pesticide. And OSHA lists it as a hazardous chemical.

- BHA and BHT, both of which have been linked to liver and kidney dysfunction as well as cancer of the bladder and stomach. BHA and BHT are so suspect that they are banned in Europe.

Unfortunately, pet food companies don’t have to list out their complete ingredient or preservative list. They are only legally mandated to list those ingredients they put into the bags themselves. So if they sourced grain, fillers or meat from a third-party, they do not have to disclose what was made from that third-party food item.

So what do you do?

Only feed your dog quality dog food that you either made yourself or purchased from a trusted health product manufacturer.

At Healthy Dogma, we love our products and we believe in them. That is why we have no problem praising our PetMix, our own handmade, all-natural, preservative-free and allergen-free dog food mix. All you have to do is add fresh lean protein. Each batch of our PetMix is made in small batches to preserve nutrients and freshness.

What you’ll find in our PetMix are the same vegetables and herbs you will find in your own kitchen. Vegetables like carrots, broccoli and kelp, herbs like parsley and garlic, whole eggs and other nutrient-rich ingredients like flax seeds and ginger make this all natural pet food a win-win for your dog and you.