Mushroom Magic Has Five Stars!

29th Feb 2012

The best natural dog supplements have just been proven – Medicinal Mushroom Review has given five stars to Healthy Dogma's Mushroom Magic! Medicinal Mushroom Review is a well renowned website dedicated to reviewing mushroom supplements on order to provide knowledge to consumers on the best products available. After reviewing the mushroom supplements for dogs that are available at, the good people at Medicinal Mushroom Review have awarded them the highest rating available: five stars.

The rating criteria for Medicinal Mushroom Review (MMR) is extensive, including whether the ingredients were extracted, the method of extraction, bioavailability, mushroom sourcing, therapeutically effective levels, and amount or presence of indigestible content. Only by doing well in all of these categories will the distinctive reviewers at Medicinal Mushroom Review allow a product to carry the MMR Seal.medicinal-mushroom-review-logo-use.jpeg

That seal is now proudly carried by Mushroom Magic. This product has no cons according to the review on MMR, and would be recommended as a canine supplement by the people who really know mushrooms. Mushroom Magic is only one of of ten products reviewed by Medicinal Mushroom Review to receive a five star rating.

Mushroom Magic is a dog supplement that utilizes medicinal mushroom extracts in order to help canines with serious diseases return to an easier way of living. The medicinal mushrooms serve to maintain a healthy immune system for dogs, allowing their bodies to better fight off free radicals and resume the lifestyle they knew as younger dogs. There have been many positive reviews on by those who have personally experienced the effects of Mushroom Magic, and now there is one more on! Check it out today, and learn why it is so highly recommended by mushroom experts.

Healthy Dogma is dedicated to helping keep dogs healthy and happy. The products sold are of the highest quality ingredients available, and the company stands behind them 100 percent. This addition into the elite supplements that have been so highly rated on the Medicinal Mushroom Review shows that nothing is proven better than our products for ensuring canine health.