Is Homemade Dog Food Better for Your Dog?

8th Feb 2012

Is Homemade Dog Food Better for Your Dog?

Good nutrition is the key to a healthy dog

No matter what savvy marketers have been telling us, generally speaking commercial dog food is not a healthy choice for your canine. Manufactured dog foods contain ingredients that your animal was never meant to eat including parts of animals normally discarded, chemicals and preservatives which can cause liver and kidney damage as well as other ailments. Confronted with an array of these unsafe products for your dog, you could be forgiven for wondering how you can keep your pet safe and well. However, it is not difficult to gain the knowledge you need to keep your dog healthy.

What are your feeding your dog?

There are a few commercial products that are of good quality so learning how to recognize safe and unsafe ingredients on a label is important. However, the easiest way to be sure your pet is eating healthily is to actually make his meals yourself. This is not as onerous as it may sound as you can do this while you cook your normal meals.

Here are some simple steps to planning and preparing your own healthy dog food:

  1. The central ingredient of your dog's diet is fresh, meat. You can obtain this from your butcher or meat processor. It can be bought on the bone, in chunks or ground up depending on your dog's teeth, size and preference. The healthiest meat for dogs is lamb, beef or chicken, although fish can be added.
  2. Unlike cats, dogs need vegetables to obtain all the nutrition they need. Recommended vegetables for your pet include zucchini, beets, pumpkin, broccoli, carrots, yams, squash, and sweet potatoes. Avoid spicy or starchy vegetables such as onions, garlic, bell peppers, and potatoes along with beans, chard, spinach, and beet greens as these can cause digestive problems and even blood disorders.
  3. To calculate the amount of food your dog requires, you simply calculate forty percent of his body weight. This figure in ounces is the amount he needs to eat every day.

Your dog's diet should be natural whether cooked or raw. The most important aspect of giving your pet a healthy diet is ensuring that it contains the required nutrients in the amount needed. Your dog depends on your for his health.

Healthier alternatives- are they worth it?

Despite being a healthier alternative, home-made natural dog food is more economical and convenient than commercial dog food. You don't have to purchase special, expensive ingredients to keep your dog healthy. Your dog will eat basically the same things your family eats (if you are eating healthily). Furthermore, if you want to avoid future illnesses and high vet bills, feeding your dog healthy, natural home made dog food is the sensible choice. You will have a much loved member of the family around for longer if you feed him natural food.

It might seem like the easy option to just pick up bags of dried dog food or cans of wet food, but it is not in the interest of man's best friend. Most of the time commercial dog foods do not meet the dietary requirements of canines. Dogs cannot function well without adequate nutrition any more than humans can.

By taking the simple step of ensuring your pet eats a healthy diet, you are giving him every chance to live a happy, healthy and long life.

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