Help support and maintain your dog’s immune system with Healthy Dogma’s immunotherapy supplements.

The key to a healthy dog is to keep their immune system in top working condition so they can quickly & effectively fight disease when it strikes. Our dogs are exposed to potentially dangerous pathogens every day like viruses, bacteria & parasites in vet offices, training buildings, and dog parks, etc. These immune-enhancing supplements combine the healing power of medicinal mushrooms with nutrient-rich proteins to create a real-health supplement that supports the continued health of your dog.

Used as a dog care preventative or for extra support for those with critical conditions. A combination formula extracted from medicinal mushrooms exclusively from hot water extracts to create all-enhancing immune support.


My dog was diagnosed with lymphoma back in August and the recommended chemotherapy with the cost of $5000.00 and they said it would probably extend his life for 7-9 months. Unfortunately, I could not afford that so I chose just to keep him on prednisone and started him on your immunotherapy pack. I was told that with the type of cancer that he has, he would probably only live one to two months without chemotherapy.
At my follow up visit in November, his mass was gone! Even the doctors were stunned!
Unfortunately, his cancer has now come back. Once again I have started him back on your immunotherapy pack. I am hoping for some positive results again. I truly believe your product has given me 7+ months with my boy:)

Lori Miller

My 10 year old German Shepherd was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in March 2017. I searched for ways to help him without putting him through chemo and amputation as I didn’t think he would do well with that. I came across and soon after ordered the immunotherapy pack after I had done some research about this and other products out there. I just started giving it to him but within days I did notice his energy levels were so much better. He started feeling frisky and alert. I was also happy to see that they were chewable and tasty therefore making it so much easier to give to him. He ate them up without having to hide them in food or wrestle with him to get him to swallow them. I just offered them as a treat. I am so happy to have found the immunotherapy pack.

My Dog Loves It

I’ve had my blue heeler on your joint supplement for quite some time now and he does really well with it! I’ve tried other things and they make him violently ill – he does have a fussy stomach for processed things.

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