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We consider our pets family - so why not feed them like family!  Instead of feeding them commercially made pet foods that commonly contain preservatives, chemicals, and additives, feed them fresh, healthy food that will provide them with excellent nutrition and a lifetime of better health!

Commercial pet foods spend more money on fancy marketing schemes than actually providing a food that is healthy and beneficial to the life of your dog.  Do you really want to feed your dog food with ingredients that serve as cheap fillers and a way to lengthen the shelf life of the product?  No, you don't, that why you're here! 

Healthy Dogma's homemade dog food recipe, PetMix, is simple, delicious and full of the nutrition they need. 


1. Fresh meat is the number one ingredient. Fresh ground meat is available wherever you buy meat for your family. Ground turkey is our preference, but chicken, beef or venison also are great. Many stores will grind meat for you so you can use a variety of cuts and meats. 


veggies-200.jpg2. Yes, dogs need their fruits and vegetables too. Fruits and vegetable provide essential vitamins and nutrients your dog needs to thrive. Also fruits and veggies make great between meal treats: spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, carrots, apples, bananas, pears, blueberries to name a few. 

Veggies to avoid: onions, fresh garlic, and sugar beets.

Fruit to avoid: grapes and rasins. 


3. How much to feed your dog.  Every dog is different and their diet should be determined by their age and activity level. Roughly, a dog should recieve 2% of their body weight per day. 


Homemade food can be less expensive than commercial food.  Making your own dog food can be much less expensive in the long run - your dog will be getting a much better level of nutrition, resulting in fewer trips to the vet.

Homemade dog food is healthy.hdoriginal2lb.gif  Dogs need specific nutrition for health and a long life. You are in the unique position of being able, and responsible for, your dogs diet. Dogs are more than a pet after all, they are family!