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You’ll never run out of your dog’s favorite PetMix™ dog food with this ultra-convenient Auto Ship feature from Chewy. Just click the link and follow the easy-to-understand Auto Ship options and you’ll always have Healthy Dogma’s popular PetMix™ on hand for doggy dinnertime.

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Super Picky Pup Loves This

FINALLY – a dog food my little guy loves! He’s a very picky eater but when I gave him our first serving of Petmix Chicken Dinner he gobbled it up! I couldn’t believe it! And I really love how simple it is to make – add a bit of water, wait a few minutes and done! Thanks Healthy Dogma!

Exceptional Quality

This food literally brought our dachshund back from a near death medical condition 2 years ago!!


My 4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels love this! They can’t wait for meal time. It’s easy to make and freezes perfectly for making meals in advance

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