Healthy Dogma K9 Silymarin 81 Dog Supplements 60 ct

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Encourage Liver Health with K9 Silymarin 

The liver is critically important in digestion, cleansing, and tissue repair throughout the body. K9 Silymarin 81 (milk thistle extract) is a natural supplement and potent antioxidant that promotes healthy, vibrant liver function.

K9 Silymarin 81 contains 3-8 times more active ingredients (silymarin and silybin) in each Vegi-cap than competitor's products. Our liver produces about a million different metabolic chemicals, and sorts every chemical in our body from friend or foe. In many ways, liver health correlates to overall health. K9 Silymarin 81 supports the liver and kidneys in cell turnover and repair, detoxification, and fortifying liver-cell membranes against harmful substances. 


Healthy Dog Supplement




Dosage: One capsule twice a day with meals, or advised by your veterinarian.

One bottle contains 60 capsules for liver health.

500 mg per capsule