Healthy Dogma K9 Critical Care Immune Dog Supplements

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The most potent mushroom extracts available. Veterinarian strength.*

Immune System Enhancement
A weakened immune system is the biggest threat to your dog's health. As in humans, a dog's system is under constant attack from natural pathogens, environmental toxins and even their own mutated cells. People and animals will fight off these potentially harmful cells, but they need the right fuel. A healthy immune system is the gateway to the alleviation of all kinds of sickness.

K9 Critical Care promotes a normal, healthy immune response to unexpected issues.

This immune-enhancing supplement combines the healing power of medicinal mushrooms with nutrient-rich proteins. When combined, these ingredients that have been tested and validated for their effectiveness create a real-health supplement that supports the continued health of your dog

The medicinal mushrooms found in K9 Critical Care help your dog resist fatigue, anxiety and other stressors that weaken the immune system. K9 Critical Care features a unique blend of five organic, healing mushrooms. These are:


  • Agaricus Blazei
  • Organic Coriolus
  • Organic Maitake
  • Organic Reishi
  • Organic Shitake


No mycelium; pure mushroom extracts only.
Extracted using hot water only - not ethanol.
Grown on hard wood using natural methods passed down for thousands of years.


Active Ingredients:
Organic Agaricus blazei extract 100 mg
Organic Coriolus versicolor extract 100 mg
Organic Reishi extract 100 mg
Organic Shiitake extract 100 mg
Organic Maitake extract 100 mg

Other Ingredients:
Liver (Desiccated, defatted, freeze dried), Collagen Hydrolysate (Porcine), Natural Chicken & Beef Flavor, Acacia (Gum), Dextrose (Can Tab), Vegetab, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.

Made in a FDA approved facility using only human grade ingredients.

Dosage: 1 wafer/capsule per 10 lbs. body weight per day.

The Critical Care Power Pack is recommended for dogs facing serious illness. 


*Healthy Dogma is the only U.S. pet food company offering hot water extracted mushroom supplements that match the potency and quality of the preparations used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as the extracts used and studied in the scientific and medical research.

Few people realize that hot water extracts are the only kind of mushroom supplements ever used or studied in the scientific research and the only method of preparation used in traditional herbal practice.

Other mushroom companies sell mushroom and/or mycelium tinctures preserved in alcohol (a.k.a. “cold water extracts”), or unextracted mycelium powder (made by growing mushroom mycelium on sterilized rice). These supplemental forms have never been studied in the research, have never been used in traditional herbal practice, and are a fraction of the potency as compared to hot water extracts.


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Supplements work
I have given my dog the Critical Care supplements for two months and she is doing GREAT. The supplements really work. She's like a puppy, playing and running. Bright eyes and coat.
-PupPup 6/7/11 

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    K9 Critical Care

    Posted by Patty R on 14th Sep 2019

    This has helped our senior dog , who has cancer. Her overall health has improved, and we still have our furbaby after 18 months. I definitely believe it has helped her immune system. And she likes to take them!

  • 5
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    <div id="indexProductListCatDescription" class="content">Известный долговечность и точность, и отмечается их элегантный спортивный дизайн ,<a href=""><b>Omega часы</b></a>представили миру несколько часов постепенно передовой с 1885 года, и их точность заработала ихрепутацию как официальный хронометрист Олимпийских игр.<a href=""><b>Дешевые копии</b></a>Omega часы обратиться к различным людям с широким выбором функциональность и стиль.</div>

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  • 5
    K9 critical care

    Posted by Mary Rose Jacobi on 14th May 2019

    My dog Emma was recently diagnosed with bone cancer in her jaw. We started her on K9 critical care and she seems to be doing well on it. I crush the tablets and combine them with her Petmix food. She loves Petmix made with ground turkey and doesn’t have any problem with the tablets. Our big concern with the bone cancer was keeping her able to eat and the Petmix mixed with the crushed tablets works very well. Her coat has become softer too!! Thank you Healthy Dogma for all of your help!!

  • 5
    K9 Critical Care

    Posted by Tina Chasan on 16th Jan 2019

    I have an almost 11 year old gsd/rottie mix that has cancer ( , for almost 4 yrs)r, diabetes ( , for almost 4 yrs), thyroid issues ( , for almost 8 yrs), sarcoptic mange (when rescued as a pup) survived surgery for cataracts as a result of the diabetes. With all of these issues ongoing (excpet the mange) I can only think of 3 things that have helped her to survive and indeed thrive. Her will to fight and live , K9 Critical Care and Transfactor Pus. I am so grateful to Healthy Dogma for having these 2 amazing products, among their many products, available for my dog. Thank you so very much.

  • 5
    Absolutely amazing!

    Posted by Linda Vercillo on 29th May 2018

    Hi Tom! We have been purchasingvyour dog food for about 2 years now. Our dog Peanut, a Minature Pinscher, was diagnosed with bladder cancer. We found holistic vet, Sharon Glass, Family Pet Center, in Fort Lauderdale. We put Peanut & our Maltese DaVinci on your Immune Support wafers and Healthy Dogma original dried dog food. We mix it with minced turkey meat. Both our doggies lived it. Peanut lived 15 months with bladder cancer. He had chemo & your two products. We attribute that Healrhy Dogma contributed to his extended healthy life.

  • 5
    He loves it!

    Posted by Deanna Andrews on 22nd Dec 2016

    Ming-Lei didn't stick up his little nose at this - he took it from my hand and chewed it down! That test passed, I break them in half and drop onto his breakfast food (Pet Mix), which he gobbles down. It's perhaps a little early to get new blood tests taken for liver and kidney levels, but my goodness.....he is running and playing a lot more this week. A month ago I had taken him to the vet because he had low level energy and diarrhea, which scared me because he is 16 years old. The vet wanted me to feed him the nasty canned special diet food, but I couldn't take away the food he loves and am complimenting the food with the Critical Care Wafers. More to come.....