Dog Food Made with All Natural Ingredients

20th Apr 2012

Dog food made with All-Natural ingredients. 

Formulated for your dog's health.


Wouldn't you like to have natural dog food that would help your dog feel its best? 
Of course, all pet owners do. But, what to do? 

Do you take your dog for walks or runs? Do you play with your dog and give him a ton of attention? 
Of course you do! But, what else could you do?


Try some Petmix today - your dog will thank you!


hdoriginal2lb-86134-zoom-200.jpgWouldn't it be nice to know that the dog food you are giving him is the best product available for dog health? You eat healthy and watch closely what you take in, right? Shouldn't you give your dog the same attention? It's easier than you think. Today naturally good and healthy dog food is easy to find and purchase. Many products advertise that they are good for dog health, but look at the ingredients most include bulky fillers such as rice or wheat that have no nutritional benefit to you dog. Seems like a natural dog food would be the best for your dog and for you piece of mind.

We conducted research and found that the ingredients in commercial dog food may actually contribute to dog illness, because they weaken your dog's immune system, making it difficult to fight diseased cells. These chemicals and animal-grade products are found all brands, including premium brands, even though they may be labeled human-grade substances. Unfortunately, this does not help your dog stay healthy.

We developed our pet mix so you can give your dog well balanced meals and fight dog illness. Healthy Dogma PetMix allows you to provide high quality protein, vegetables, fruit, and other nutritious ingredients to strengthen your dog's immune system. Plus, your dog will love it. We love dogs which is also why we are excited to offer Healthy Dogma PetMix.


Grain-Free !


Only natural ingredients make up our Healthy Dogma PetMix.  Ingredients: carrot, whole egg, apple, vegetable pomace (dehydrated carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress, spinach), flax meal, broccoli, kelp, parsley, calcium carbonate, garlic, ginger root, and garlic. You add the meat.


There are no preservatives or chemical additives. veggies-200.jpgWith Healthy Dogma PetMix, your dog gets the nutrients it needs,
because they are not lost through the manufacturing process.


PetMix is grain-free which makes it easier for dogs to metabolize, because they are carnivores and have enzymes making it easier to digest and use nutrients compared to eating grains. As a result, if your dog eats a large amount of grain instead of meat, it will be less effective in building up the immune system to fight canine illness. In addition, mutated cells use carbohydrates by taking amino acids from healthy cells, so again, it is better to feed your dog meat rather than grains.


Protein is necessary for cell repair. Unfortunately your dog will not get the high quality protein if eating commercial dog food, even premium brands, because they contain a large quantity of grains (soy) to boost the protein level. If there is a fairly high percentage of "meat" in your current dog food, much of it, most likely, comes from spleens, feet, ligaments, intestines, and other sources generally not used for people and not necessarily nutritious for your dog either.

We also learned that the meat in dog food, even in expensive brands, includes a higher percentage of bones than actual meat, although the combination is allowed to be labeled as meat.



Easy to Prepare. You add the meat !

To prepare, all you need to do is cook the meat - beef, turkey, or chicken - in one gallon of water. It is not recommended to boil the water. You may also use chicken or beef broth. When cooked mix in one 2 pound bag of Healthy Dogma PetMix and let stand for one hour. We usually cook the meat but you can also mix it raw.

5 pounds fresh meat
2 pound bag of Healthy Dogma PetMix
1 Gallon of water

Place 5 pounds meat in soup or stock pot, add water. 
Turn heat on low, heat water untill meat browns (do not boil).
Pour your bag of PetMix in the pot and stir thoroughly. Let cool.
Divide into zip lock or similar bags. Refrigerate or freeze.