Dirty Dozen: Dangerous Pet Food Ingredients



 The recent consumer uproar concerning dog treats made in China and “pink slime”, has shown not only the power of social media and word-of-mouth, but also the consumers’ desire to know what is in the products they are feeding their pets, and from where it came.   Dog food manufacturers utilize a number of misleading terms in their ingredients list, which must be illuminated in order for consumers to make informed decisions.

Wheat – The number one allergen in dogs and a contributing factor to canine obesity.

Corn  - Useless filler that is a known cause of allergies and is difficult for dogs to digest. 

Corn gluten meal  – even worse than corn.  Patented as a weed killer in 1991.  Used as a cheap filler.

Soy -  Considered a low-quality, incomplete protein well known to create food allergies in pets.

By-product meal - Bones, blood, intestines, lungs, ligaments, heads, feet, and feathers. 

Animal Digest – The most disgusting ingredient of all.  A combination of many animal parts: dead, dying, diseased or disabled prior to slaughter. 

Ethoxoquin - Used in the production of rubber and banned for use in human foods.

Egg product – Eggshells and eggs that may have gone rancid or spoiled.

Brewer’s Rice – the broken shells of rice that lack nutrients and have been discarded by other food manufacturing processes; floor sweepings.

Cellulose – Just another name for sawdust. Very harsh on the digestive system.

Sugar in any form - Useless, unnecessary and adds empty calories.

Propylene glycol – Added as a sweetener.  Used in antifreeze solutions, in hydraulic fluids, and as a solvent.

Check the ingredients list on the dog food you buy.


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