Chicken Breast Jerky

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Now: $9.95
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HealthyDogma Chicken Breast Jerky is made from 100% boneless chicken breast, no additives, no preservatives, no chemicals!

Buy one today and receive the sale price of $9.95 and we will donate a Peg Leg Lamb stick to the Detroit Rescue - Detroit's largest no kill rescue.


Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! 
We absolutely love this idea! I got a chance to look over the mock ad we love that as well! 
Whenever you are ready, I'd be glad to talk further about the logistics of the donation and answer any other questions you may have for us. 
Again, thank you and all of Healthy Dogma so much for your support and donation! Together, we can continue to fulfill our no-kill mission!

 Justin Detroit Dog Rescue