Why Independent Pet Stores Are the Only Place to Buy Pet Food

12th Feb 2015

Susan Thixton just posted the article "Reasons to ONLY Purchase your Pet Food from an Independent Pet Food Store," where she advises pet owners with some great reasons why independent stores are the best place to purchase cat and dog food. 

Independent pet stores:

  • Provide ongoing monitoring of your pet’s nutritional health for no additional fee.
  • Are the front line of defense against problems with an ingredient change of a food that could affect your pet.
  • Are constantly gathering feedback from other customers on each brand they sell. Very beneficial to each of their customers.
  • Know the quality of ingredients, country of origin of ingredients, where and by who the pet food was manufactured by, and recall history of every product they sell.
  • If they don’t have answers, they will get answers for you directly from the manufacturer.

And above all else, independent pet stores give you personal attention. Healthy Dogma loves hearing from our customers on how your pets have improved when switching foods or offering tips and wisdom on any issues your pet is facing.

Read the full article, then stop by to see how we can help provide the best in care for your pet.