Dinovite: One of the Most Advertised Pet Products is Not the Most Effective

Posted by Healthy Dogma on 30th Nov 2014

Updated December 22, 2016

Does Dinovite really work? Short answer: No. Read on to see why.

What is Dinovite? 

You’ve probably heard or seen the ads for Dinovite, a product that claims it will help dogs who are “itching, scratching and shedding like crazy, stinking the place up with bad ‘doggy odor’ from ear problems, skin allergies, bad breath or bad gas problems or just plain lethargic due to chronic weight loss or joint pain.” 1

The Dinovite line is sold on the premise that dogs may not be getting enough nutrition from food and treats alone and need to have their meals supplemented to avoid these health issues.

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The logic behind the Dinovite supplements is based on fact: Dogs may not be getting enough nutrients from the food they are currently eating. Symptoms similar to allergies (itching, scratching) and yeasty, smelly odors begin to show up.

But just because a product is heavily advertised as addressing an issue does not mean it is the best treatment for that issue.

Dinovite’s Ingredients: Not Effective in Amount Present

Dinovite is made up of “delicate nutrients, amino & fatty acids and zinc” to bolster “good skin and shiny coat[s],” according to the company. Sounds good, but the ingredients are just ground flax seed, dried kelp, yeast culture, dried yeast, ground grain sorghum, fructooligosaccharide, zinc methionine complex, alfalfa nutrient concentrate, and microbials.

With the exception of the ground grain sorghum (it’s a starchy cereal grain, so those who prefer grain-free pet products cannot use Dinovite), none of these ingredients are negative or harmful. Flax provides omega-3 fatty acids; kelp is a source of iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron. Yeast contains vitamin B, and the probiotics help with a dog’s digestive system.

However, none of these are earth shattering in treating a dog undernourished from his food, one you don’t want to pet “because of the stink,” who is “shedding buckets of fur every day” and “fistfuls of fluff constantly.”

The company says it takes approximately three months or longer to take effect, and stresses you have try the product for 90 days before you can determine what results (if any) are seen in your dog’s itching, scratching or smelling – this shows the mix is not potent.

When making an actual healthy addition or change to pets’ routines, results are seen in a matter of days, not months.

Diet: The Key to a Healthy Dog

This is truly the kicker in determining if you should buy Dinovite or not: The brand holds the position that in order for Dinovite to be effective, you should switch your dog to a high-quality, high-protein food. The company says to “feed a meaty diet. Add Dinovite supplements. Eliminate grain-based treats. Add NubOnubs 100% beef treats. It also states that feeding dogs grain-based or poor-quality food will “hinder results.”

Switching your pet to a protein-based food with no low-nutrient grains is absolutely an excellent suggestion, but that alone will give your dog immense improvement, without having to add Dinovite, NubOnubs, LickOchops and Supromega to their routine.

The company’s FAQs and articles demonstrate that Dinovite is claiming you’ll see success if you have been feeding your dog the worst in food – and you might: the flaxseed and kelp will help mask the issues your dog is facing. But why mask problems when you can address them for good?

With all the recalls on dog food and treats from China and the lawsuits between pet food brands on quality, pet owners are starting to become more aware of what they are feeding their pets. But – to no fault of pet owners – a lot of education still has to take place. So many pet brands are out to deceive and trick, just to make money at the expense of your pocketbook and pet’s health. Like Dinovite, they are hoping you don’t learn what pets’ bodies really need to run well.

The Most Effective Change: Not Dinovite

Even when feeding your pet healthy dog food and healthy dog treats, dogs can benefit from changes from time to time to make sure they are getting all the food-based nutrients they need.

If your pet is on a poor-quality food brand with suspect ingredients, switch him or her to a high-quality, high-protein food. You’ll be surprised at what issues will clear up – no thrown-out money and 90-day wait period necessary to see if your pet will improve.

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1. All quotations come from www.dinovite.com.