Crisis Checklist for Your Pet

Crisis Checklist for Your Pet

Posted by Healthy Dogma on 18th Jan 2017

Save Our Pets

Many people have an emergency plan in place for themselves and their families in case of an emergency. It is good to have a detailed strategy for who does what, a list of important numbers, and any valuables that need saving. But does your family have an emergency plan for your pets?

There are many simple things that can be done beforehand to shave seconds off of an emergency evacuation, and those seconds could mean the life of your pet. One such idea is an “Animals Inside” sticker for your front and back doors; this will inform rescue brigades that you have pets and need them to be rescued. This is especially helpful in the case of fires, when you may not be home or capable of telling firefighters about your pets.

Another time-saver is to give neighbors or nearby family members keys to your home. If you happen to be away, it is good to know that there is someone who is able to get your pets out of your home and into a safe place. Make sure they have all of the necessary information, as well, including several phone numbers where you can be reached, how many pets you own, their names, and where they usually are. If your dog usually sleeps in the bathroom while you are at work, let your neighbor, friend, or family member know exactly where to find them. It is also helpful to make sure they know what kinds of pets you own. If your neighbor is looking for a cat, and you own a hamster, this lapse could mean your pet’s life.

It is also helpful to make sure your pets have updated identification tags. If you have moved or changed phone numbers recently, now is the time to get new tags. The best option is to include your pet’s name along with a cell phone number and your home address, which will help your pet find his or her way home if they get separated from you in the panic. It is a small thing to do that can make the world of difference in the case of an emergency.

There are also some numbers you will need if you are home with your pet during an emergency. Look in your area for pet-friendly shelters or hotels, and keep their numbers with you. If you are forced to evacuate your home, it is nice to have a place to go where you and your furry friends will be welcome. You should also get telephone numbers for local shelters, just in case something happens. If your dog has somehow gotten out of their collar or lost their tag, it is good to have a place to call and look for them. You should also keep leashes and carrying cases by the front door, just in case you have to leave quickly. Doing these things will cut the time off of your escape, and help your pet survive an emergency.

If you have a petsitter at your home while you are away on vacation, make sure that they have all of the necessary information. Give them names and numbers of family members who can help take care of your pets, or make a plan with them on transporting the animals to their place of residence in case of an emergency. Be sure to have all of this information upfront, so that there are no surprises if a weather emergency arises.

Remember, doing these small things now can save you precious seconds if an emergency should fall upon your family. Be prepared for anything, and make sure everyone in your family knows where important information is and what they need to do. This can help ensure the survival of you and your pets. 

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