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The Dirty Dozen - What ingredients to avoid

Posted by Healthy Dogma on 23rd Apr 2018

We often talk about "The Dirty Dozen" and how you should avoid feeding them to your dog, but do you know what they are? Or why they are bad for your beloved pooch? We break down the dirty dozen and wh … read more

How to Avoid the Biggest Threat to Pets’ Health

Posted by Healthy Dogma on 12th Jan 2017

Getting your dog to lose weight isn’t hard with the right food. You will save in many ways.  Pet obesity will put a dent in your wallet, and even worse, possibly your pet’s life. Over … read more

Groundless Suspicion, or Grounded in Fact?

16th Mar 2015

In China Daily’s article “China's Pet Food Exporters Jittery After US Retailer's De-Shelving,” Chinese exporters are not pleased with the wariness American consumers have with its pet f … read more