Bring the Good Bacteria Back to Your Pet's Stomach: Healthy Dogma’s K9 Probiotix

24th Oct 2014

Just like humans, today’s dogs are exposed to innumerable toxins. Heavily processed dog food, low-quality dog food ingredients, medications and inactive lifestyles have an accumulative effect on your dog that can leave its immune and digestive system weakened and susceptible to illness.

Healthy Dogma’s proprietary blend of probiotics is a powerful supplement that is specially formulated for a dog’s unique digestive system and contains only the highest quality of live bacteria strains (over 2 billion live organisms per chewable, liver-flavored wafer!).


By including Healthy Dogma’s K9 Probiotix into your dog’s daily diet, you can offset the stress that your dog endures and give him the tools that he needs to eliminate toxins, fight off harmful bacteria and regulate its digestive system.

Other benefits you may notice are:

  • Smoother coat
  • Improved skin
  • Fresher breath
  • Normal digestive functions
  • Enhanced energy levels and overall wellness

Selection Process:

With so many different kinds of probiotics for pets on the market these days, it is challenging to know which product is safe and of great quality. With Healthy Dogma's K9 Probiotix, you can trust that you are only providing your dog with the highest-quality ingredients that are pure in their form and free from contamination and extra additives. In addition, the bacteria strains go through an extensive process of culturing, fermentation, purification and drying so that the effectiveness of the strains is preserved throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Want to get your pup started on K9 Probiotix? Order here, or try our Immunity Trio Power Pack, which also includes:

  • Mushroom Magic: Healthy Dogma’s Mushroom Magic™ contains mushroom extracts to help support your dog's immune system. Mushroom Magic™ is fortified with colostrum, a nutrient-rich dietary agent derived from cows’ milk that contains more than three-dozen immune factors.
  • Alpha Omega Fish Oil: After researching the efficacy of different Omega supplements, we discovered that Omega 3 fatty acids, made from salt water fish, offered the best Omega regimen for dogs and thus was formulated into Healthy Dogma’s Alpha Omega Fish Oil.