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Flee Flea Flee: Natural Flea & Tick Repellent for Dogs

Customer Reviews

    No more fleas by Judith

    I am very excited to use something natural for my pets. It seems to be doing the job

    Seems to work as advertised by Gayle

    I am on my second container of Flee Dog Flea and it seems to be working. I have 3 dogs and I do notice there is less scratching and itching going on. I was worried about them liking the powder on their food. They love it!!! Be cautioned though, this product is a deterrent which doesn't mean your dogs will be totally flea & tic free. It just helps keep them away.

    so far, so good by Sara

    My dogs have been using this for the past 2 months now, and so far, so good. I'm crossing my fingers that I don't find anything on them all Summer, since f&t season is about to hit hardcore.

    My dogs love the taste, even though their Mom thinks it makes them smell like an Italian restaurant! Far better than sketchy chemicals, though.

    My Dog Eats it up! by Angela

    I've been going back and forth about medication for fleas and tick. I don't like the chemicals!! This is a great alternative!! It smells really strongly of garlic, which I was nervous that my dog wouldn't eat it at frist, but she did! I have a Yorkie that is very picky and she loves this stuff!! Thank you for making a great product! We just started it this week so we will see!

    My dog loves it by Dan

    he loves the taste - if I dont sprinkle it on his food he gives me a funny look! From all I have read this works, so I am just going with that for the functionality part.

    Love it! by Jakie

    I have 2 french bulldogs & b/c of the allergies that this breed can have I wanted to try a natural flea preventive. I have not seen a flea in the 3 months they have been on it & they love the flavoring they have on their food now from flea flee

    Fleas no more! by Jan

    This is an awesome product. Both pups were at the vet recently and were found to be flea free!! I will order more. Great company. Thanks goes out to the healthy dogma folks.

    we love Flee Flea by Jackie

    We are all really happy w/ this product. My french bulldog started to loose interest in her food, but once I sprinkled some of this on top she can not wait to have at it. It turned out to be a win win. :)

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Flee Flea Flee: Natural Flea & Tick Repellent for Dogs


All-natural flea and tick repellent 

Grandma's old farm secret for flea control, without the harmful use of chemicals.

This supplement combines the benefits of skin and coat supplements with garlic and yeast to naturally ward off fleas.

Nutritional Yeast
Nutritional yeast is a natural repellent of fleas and ticks. Source of Vitamin B.

Wards off flees and ticks. Natural antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal. Naturally soothe your dog's skin.

Natural supplement made from sea vegetables like kelp that have concentrated sources of minerals, such as: iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. Kelp, as a source of iodine, helps in making the thyroid hormones necessary for maintaining metabolism in all cells of the body.

Richest plant source of antioxidant lignans and Omega-3 fatty acids that both help support an active immune system and a healthy skin and coat.

Ingredients:  Kelp, flaxmeal, garlic, yeast

Directions: Sprinkle directly over food. Feed the following amounts once daily. 

Suggested daily use by weight:
10-30 pounds    ½ teaspoon
30-80 pounds   1 teaspoon
80+ pounds  1 ¼ teaspoon

Approximately 60 servings per 8 oz. container.

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